12th February 2008

Jetix Europe unveils new production with Studio B

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and London, UK – Jetix Europe N.V. (AMEX: JETIX; Reuters: JETIX.AS; Bloomberg: JETIX.NA), today announced its latest addition: zany, animated comedy series Kid vs. Kat. The fresh new series, created by Rob Boutilier, is being produced by Canada-based animation studio, Studio B Productions Inc., a DHX Media Ltd. company, in association with Jetix Europe and Canadian kids’ broadcaster, YTV.

Kid vs Kat will debut on Jetix Europe’s channels from early 2009. Jetix Europe holds TV distribution rights for the 52x11’ series across Europe and the Middle East, including Pay TV and Free TV distribution, as well as home video & consumer product rights. Disney-ABC International Television will service the distribution of the television rights to Kid vs. Kat for the Jetix Europe held territories. DHX Media’s distribution subsidiary DECODE Enterprises will handle television, home entertainment and merchandising and licensing rights for the rest of the world.

Studio B received the green-light on Kid vs. Kat in January 2008 and production is already underway. The Canadian studio was previously commissioned to produce the successful Pucca property on behalf of Jetix Europe.

Programme synopsis
With felines like this, who needs enemies?
Kid vs. Kat is about the exaggerated conflict between a demonically malevolent cat and the beleaguered ten-year-old boy to whom it has taken a demented dislike. When Coop’s spoiled little sister Millie brings home Kat, a stray kitty of mysterious origin, his idyllic life is turned upside-down. It’s obvious to Coop that Kat wants to annihilate him. The problem is he has no evidence to prove it as by the time his Dad comes onto the smoking, debris-littered scene, all evidence pointing to Kat is gone.

Marc Buhaj, Senior Vice President Programming, Jetix Europe, says: “We are excited to be part of the Kid Vs. Kat adventure with the Studio B team. The series has those quality cartoon elements found in the classics - great music and score, neat characters and crisp slapstick timing. Our main duo of Coop and Kat are set to establish one of the great ongoing cartoon rivalries. One unlucky kid with one freaky, ferocious feline creates absolute mayhem that Jetix kids across Europe will love. I have a feeling that Coop is the one who is going to need a full nine lives just to survive!”

Blair Peters, Executive Producer, Studio B Productions Inc., says: “We are very excited to be working with Jetix again on this super cartoony, action packed series. The creator, Rob Boutilier, has brought his wit to a number of other productions with Studio B and we are delighted to have him at the helm of his own series.”